Unexpected. Birth Story

At 36 weeks, I went into to see the doctor and they told me “You are 3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced”. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means (according to the doctor) I was due ANY day. Well that’s a LIE. 3 weeks went by and two false alarms [...]

Unexpected. Part 3

“Meeting the parents” is already nerve-racking enough, let alone when you are meeting the parents while carrying a child that is not their son’s. When Nate first told me he wanted me to meet his parents AND that they wanted to meet me, I once again was a little shocked. “Well, there isn’t much time [...]

Cake Cookies

This is my go to dessert recipe for any party (Birthday, Friendsgiving, etc.) A lot of bloggers tend to ramble on about how this recipe has somehow affected their life or all the "woes" of baking. However, I'm a person that likes to get STRAIGHT to the point. Here is what you will need: (1 [...]

Unexpected. Part 2

Getting ready for my first date with Nate was probably one of the most stressful moments in my life. Here I am with this belly that is so big I am almost to the point where I can’t see my toes, trying to find a cute outfit to wear, and on the verge of tears [...]

Chocolate Chip Poundcake

This is one of my family's favorites. It has been a birthday cake requests for years from all my family members. My grandma taught me how to make this and I'll never forget all the sweet memories we shared while baking. Grandma's recipes are the real deal ya'll. SO. Since I am a visual person [...]


Growing up I was NEVER a good test taker. I was the type of student that would study and study but still somehow make a “C” on all my tests (especially math). My brother on the other hand would review 30 minutes before a test and ace it. I remember crying to my mom and [...]