Crock Pot Taco Soup

This is my favorite soup, especially when it has been cold and rainy the last few days! This is an easy, quick recipe and I’m sure you will love it.

Here is what you will need:

-2 lbs of ground meat of choice (turkey, chicken, or beef) 

-1 can corn

-1 can black beans

-1 can diced tomatoes ( I like the ones that are pre-seasoned to add more flavor)

-Low sodium chicken broth 

-1 jar (about 2 cups worth or more) of salsa of choice. (I like regular salsa because I can’t do spicy! Too hot!! )

-Whatever seasoning you typically season meat with ( I like to use garlic salt and lemon pepper)

*TOPPINGS: Mexican cheese, Avocado, and sour cream (and whatever else you usually like on a taco).



In crock pot: 

Drain corn and black beans in a colander, rinse, and then pour in crock pot. Dump the entire salsa can, as well as the diced tomatoes.

(I put about a 1/2 cup of water in the salsa can, swish it around, and dump the rest in the crock pot as well). 

Then pour about 2 cups of chicken broth in the crock pot. I honestly put as much as I need to cover the corn, beans, and tomatoes. (So it could be a little more than two cups!) 

Sprinkle a few dashes of garlic powder, salt and pepper, and turn on high!


In the frying pan, cook the ground meat and season as desired. Like I said, I like to use garlic salt and lemon pepper.

Once cooked, drain meat and dump that goodness into the crockpot.

*IF you put this together in the morning before work, just keep it on warm and crank it up to high as soon as you get home. 

I  cooked my soup around 4 this evening and I put it on high, it was hot and steamy by 6!

Hope you enjoy!!!

With love,




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