Cake Cookies


This is my go to dessert recipe for any party (Birthday, Friendsgiving, etc.)

A lot of bloggers tend to ramble on about how this recipe has somehow affected their life or all the “woes” of baking. However, I’m a person that likes to get STRAIGHT to the point.

Here is what you will need:

  • (1 box) Betty Crocker super moist vanilla cake
  • (1 jar) Betty Crocker whipped butter cream icing
  • (1 bag) Tollhouse MINI Semi-sweet morsels
  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 eggs

Use the cake mix and mix two eggs and 1/3 vegetable oil by hand. It should have a consistency like cookie dough when finished mixing.

Bake them like regular cookies at 350. I take a medium-sized spoon and place a spoonful on a cookie pan (USE PAM!!!).

COOK TIME: I usually only cook mine for about 9 mins. They may seem a little raw looking at first but I promise they will be the perfect chewy consistency days later.

ICING: After they cool, mix together butter cream icing and mini chocolate chip morsels. Add more or less to icing depending on personal preference (you like more chocolate chips, add more, you don’t, add less).

SIMPLE AS THAT. These are a party favorite!

The cool thing is you can use this recipe with ANY cake mix you would like and choose your favorite icing. SUPER FUN and tasty! ENJOY!

With love,


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